If you're too busy to drive to a dealership, hunt for a car, and fill out paperwork - relax! Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southampton has your solution with our Roadster online shopping tool. If you're concerned about going out right now because of COVID-19, there's no need to worry. With Roadster, Southampton drivers can find, finance, and finalize the lease or purchase of a new or used car without even leaving their easy chair!

The Roadster Online Buying Process

  • Select Your Vehicle: Looking to drive a brand-new Jeep Wrangler SUV? Or maybe you’re interested in a used Ram truck? Then again, a Dodge Challenger would sure look good in your driveway... Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southampton has so many great vehicles for people in Riverhead to choose from that it can be hard to decide what to go with. Fortunately, you can sort through our inventory online and narrow down your choices by body style, year, make, price, color, features, and more. To the right of each vehicle listing is detailed vehicle specs, pricing, manufacturer offers, and conditional incentives. There's also a button called "Get Our Deal" that lets you enter your contact information to get a special price quote by email.
  • Determine Your Monthly Payments: Using our payment calculator, you can find out approximately how much you'd pay for a car. You can enter the amount of your down payment and the term (in months) that you would request to pay off the vehicle. This will help you see how the car payments will fit into your budget. It may also help you decide whether to purchase or lease. With a lease plan, you'll have a lower down payment. You'll also pay less per month for the vehicle, because you're only paying for the time period that you drive it. If you expect to put a lot of miles on the vehicle and possibly customize it, a finance plan is probably a better solution.
  • Get an Appraisal for Your Trade-In: If you've got an old vehicle on Long Island that you'd like to trade in, you can find out its current estimated market value online. Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southampton uses the trusted Blue Book® Value tool to get the most accurate assessment possible. Just enter information about the car including the year, brand, make, model, and mileage - and you'll get its estimated worth. Finding out how much you'll get for your old car will help you know how much you'll need to finance on the new one.
  • Apply for Financing: Most everyone needs a finance deal or lease plan to help defray the costs of a new or used vehicle, and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southampton is happy to help. Our online financing application simplifies the process of buying a car, even if you do intend to visit the dealership in person. Its confidential, secure, and can be done anywhere from your PC, laptop, or smartphone. After we've processed your credit request, someone from our seasoned finance team will get back with you to go over the details.

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Ready to drive a brand-new car now? Even if you can't leave your house, you can still get started on a new-car purchase or lease with the Roadster online shopping tool. Its quick, easy, and you'd don't even need to leave your sofa! Contact Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southampton today!

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